FAQ du projet Plateforme collaborative collective, Conseil québécois de la coopération et de la mutualité


What is a collective, collaborative platform? (also known as a platform co-op)

A company registered either as a NPO or cooperative managed collectively by users, workers or investors, whose raison d'être or value proposition depends on digital infrastructure.

Why use “collective, collaborative” platform instead of "Platform Co-op"?

The term “Platform Co-op” was coined to describe democratic platforms incorporated as cooperatives. The term "Collective, Collaborative Platforms" ("Plateforme Collaborative Collective" in French) is inclusive to other legal incorporations, such as not-for-profits. A collective, collaborative platform is different from a regular  platform through its democratic decision-making processes, and shared ownership of the platform.

What resources are available to Montreal's collective, collaborative platforms? 

Contact us! Each project is unique and has specific needs. We prefer to speak directly with entrepreneurs in order to offer you tailored recommendations and suggestions. 
We can also discuss financing relevant for startups supported by: CDRQ, RÉSEAU Coop and PME MTL.

What does this project do?

The project can broken down into three parts:

1. Ecosystem interconnection and mobilization

We lead thematic working groups (financing, accompanying organisations, and entrepreneurs) whose goal is to create or adapt tools so that the collective, collaborative platforms can be better supported. We are also forging links between existing organizations in the Montreal startup ecosystem.

2. Awareness

We raise awareness about the collective model with incubators, universities, and in startup networks, incubators and accelerators.

3. Creation

We are facilitating discussions to pilot new and much needed start-up financing opportunities, and connecting emerging projects to technical assistance providers that can coach them throughout their startup journey.

Do you have a board of directors?

No, but we have an advisory committee. This project is supported by the City of Montreal and the Conseil québécois de la coopération et de la mutualité (CQCM), which each have their own structures. The advisory committee brings together these two entities and key supporting stakeholders.

The Advisory Committee is made up of:

  • the Caisse d'économie solidaire
  • the CDRQ
  • Esplanade
  • Fondaction
  • RÉSEAU Coop
  • the City of Montreal